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Let me guide you on Substack and give you a cohort of people to support you for 1 year

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The gist?

Let me and a cohort of highly motivated Substack writers guide you for 1 year.

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The 2024 Substack Success Cohort is modeled on Substack’s now-defunct Grow Program, where they gave a small group of writers a “crash course” on how to master the platform, make money, and grow. Those writers included Elle Griffin, Alex Dobrenko, Michael Estrin, Jane Ratcliffe, et al.—all of whom produce amazing Substacks and are finding success on the platform.

The 2024 Substack Success Cohort will give you the expert guidance and mastermind support of your fellow cohort members you can’t find anywhere else.

You receive

  1. A free year in Substack Writers at Work!

  1. A one-year “crash course” on how to master the platform, make money, and grow modeled on Substack’s grow program, including

    • The Substack Success Blueprint to design or redesign your Substack so you’re set up to grow

    • Monthly bonus Strategizing Workshops (re…

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