Interview! Authenticity and Publicity: A Conversation with Nishant Jain

The Sneaky Artist discusses his writing, art, and ability to promote his work authentically

Today, I have a very special treat: my conversation with Sneaky Artist

. Nishant is beyond inspiring. His art is compelling, simple, and deceptively complex. We can learn so much from him about devoting ourselves not just to our work but to our audience. That means meeting them where they are and not expecting them to just “get” our work. Nishant shares how his early days as a blogger, how he left a Ph.D. program in neuroscience, started on the path to becoming a novelist, and ended up discovering his true calling as the Sneaky Artist.

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More about Nishant

After quitting halfway through a Ph.D. program in Neuroscience, Nishant decided to become a writer. Newly unemployed and looking for inspiration, he walked the streets of Chicago with a sketchbook and fountain pen. In doing this, quite accidentally he became an artist. Today, Nishant draws secret art of his world, making observations about life in…

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