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How Much Is Your Writing Worth?

Plus going paid with your serial memoir or novel on Substack

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Unlike in the days of yore when I started as a writer and teacher of creative writing, anyone can publish anywhere, anytime. Start a blog, start a Substack, etc. The gatekeepers are gone.

The question new writers used to ask, When will I know when my writing is good enough to submit for publication? has been replaced by another: When should I start charging for my writing? When should the “paywall” go up?

This speaks to a larger question: When should I expect readers to spend money on my words, talent, and ideas?

Which speaks to a deeper question: When will I know that my writing is worth something?

Which gets at a deeper question: When will I know my writing is worth writing?

Which gets at an even deeper question: When will I know that I’m worth something?

We won’t delve into personal worthiness here (you’re 100% worthy); instead, let’s discuss

  1. the two main issues that come up when we talk about paying writers the way we pay other professionals and

  2. four ways to go paid while serializing on Substack.

As I’ve said before, if you write and want to become a professional writer, skip the pricey MFA program. Serialization is on-the-job training of the best kind. And this newsletter will teach you everything you need to know.

The Issues

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Substack Writers at Work
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