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Cohort Strategy Session: How to Find Substack Readers (not just other Substack writers)

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This is where you get expert guidance to start to develop your personalized strategy for Substack growth, particularly in finding Substack readers instead of just writers. So fun!

What we cover:

  • STRATEGY #1: Focus on getting recommendations from Substackers...using my proven method

  • STRATEGY #2: Have a forward-to-a-friend quarterly event email

  • STRATEGY #3: Choose 3 Substacks to be in the comments and their community


  • Why you may be wasting time on Notes

  • The most strategic way to find readers (not just other Substack writers)

  • Why you should stop using the share button and what to do instead

  • How to ask people to share (it’s an art)

  • What makes something shareable


p.s. Wednesday’s Cohort Forum will be where you get feedback on your Forward-to-a-friend email or your …

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