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May Cohort Recap: Expand Your Reach

+ The Cohort call replay!

Hello, Cohort Heroes!

  • First, thank you for being part of this amazing Cohort!

  • Second, please know that you don’t need to do everything and you definitely don’t need to do everything this minute. What you have time for and what jumps out at you/attracts you is all you need.

  • Third, I’ll keep you on track by sending these monthly recaps and first-of-the-month overviews of what’s next. I’ll also remind you of possible workshops, strategy sessions, and Blueprint sessions to revisit.

I’ve got you.

✦ May recap

May has been about expanding your Substack reach:

  • Workshop: Substack Audio the Easy Way because audio will help you reach subscribers who are too busy to read

  • Strategy Session: How to Find Substack Readers (not just other Substack writers) because Substack writers are 1) most burned out by subscriptions and 2) have the most paid Substack subscriptions

    • 3 strategies:

      • Invite other Substack writers to recommend you (as a call to action in a post)

      • Ask your subscribers to forward the email to a fri…

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