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Get Discovered on Substack: Alt Text and SEO Workshop


Get Discovered on Substack: Alt text and SEO Workshop

The accompanying PDF is below!

This workshop is for those who’d rather spend time writing and creating a great Substack than trying to game Google. It’s everything you need to know about alternative text (alt text) and search engine optimization (SEO) on Substack and nothing you don’t.

What we cover

  • What is alt text?

  • Why accessibility matters for humanity

  • Why accessibility matters for discoverability

  • The way to write alt text

  • What is SEO and is it important on Substack?

  • Finding and using keywords

  • Optimizing headlines/titles and headings

Note: In the presentation, the QR code to work with me 1-to-1 is incorrect. Here’s the correct one:

In addition to all you get with a paid subscription to Writers at Work, full-access members also get the full library of workshops ($1200 value) to accelerate your growth.

→ If you prefer to watch and not subscribe, you can do so here:

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The full video is for paid subscribers

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