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Serialize Your Novel or Memoir on Substack Workshop


Scroll down for the accompanying PDF!

This workshop is for writers at any stage of their careers, including those who’ve serialized before and those who never have—or even thought about doing so.

In this workshop, you’ll

  • get clarity on your serialization goals and whether you want it to lead to an agent and a book deal,

  • an understanding of how craft “rules” (character, plot, voice, structure, point of view, dialogue, etc.) function differently on Substack,

  • a plan for your writing process,

  • insight into Substack’s tech,

  • a profound acceptance of why your novel or memoir isn’t enough, and

  • guidance on how to create “extras” that keep people reading and attract publicity and subscribers.

We’ll cover serializing novels, memoirs, and classics.

What qualifies me to teach you to serialize on Substack?

(You should ask this of everyone you work with!)

The guidance I give you is based directly on the advice Substack gave me. No marketing tricks. No gimmicks. 

I also share with you my experience as 

  • the creator of two bestselling, featured Substack publications (Writers at Work with Sarah Fay and Cured: The Memoir); 

  • a member of Substack’s Product Lab; 

  • an author at HarperCollins

  • a freelance writer at The New York Times and elsewhere;

  • a former advisory editor at The Paris Review; and 

  • a creative writing professor at Northwestern University.

No one else has the relationship with Substack that I do and specializes in the unique nature of the platform, how it can be used to earn an income, and how it complements traditional publishing and all aspects of a writer’s career.

Note: In the presentation, the QR code to work with me 1-to-1 is incorrect. Here’s the correct one:

In addition to all you get with a paid subscription to Writers at Work, full-access members also get the full library of workshops ($1200 value) to accelerate your growth.

→ If you prefer to watch and not subscribe, you can do so here:

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