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April Cohort Call: Sharpen Your About Page, Short Description, and Title


Hello, Cohort Champions!

First, what great calls—you all are amazing.

I’m sending the replay of the open call. During it, I answer all the questions asked in the chat on both the newbie and veteran calls.

Submitting questions for the Cohort calls

In the future, I’d love it if you’d submit your questions in advance (if you have them). Feel free to bring them to the call too, but this will help me not skip any. Here’s the form.

What’s next:

For the next couple of weeks, implement all we’ve done on your About page, short description, and title.

The point, of course, is to connect to what you’re doing on Substack, the value you bring, and communicate that to others.

In mid-May, we turn our attention to finding readers/subscribers:

  • How to Find Substack Readers (not just other Substack writers) Workshop

    • Sunday, 5/19 at 2 PM CT | Register here

  • Cohort Calls (choose one)

    • Wednesday, 5/22 at 10 AM CT | Register here.

    • Friday, 5/24 at 3 PM CT | Register here.

Feedback on the Cohort

Please let me know what…

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