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Jan 12Liked by Sarah Fay Writers at Work

GRIEF- I share poems from a collection titled Bloom: A season of grief and gratitude. They’re poems I wrote after my Dad unexpectedly passed away and I became unexpectedly pregnant in the same year.


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I am just starting, and the hardest part for me is doing this weekly. I’d love to share my whole book at once!

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INSPIRATION FROM MANY YEARS AGO, MANY MILES AWAY--a really weird story about a lifelong dream that came true for me.


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COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - I am sharing about the decades of a journey through cognitive dissonance I felt attending evangelical churches after a life of trauma, abuse, mental illness, and the suicides of family members caused me to begin attending a little church in Los Angeles in the 1970s, and how I managed to reconstruct my faith while letting go of the need to be certain about my belief systems Thanks, Sarah!


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DANGEROUS WORDS - the books I am teaching as part of my university course on book bans, censorship, and disinformation in a digital world.


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COMPASSION: I just started my meditation series for chronic illness folks and our allies. I’m a former yoga and meditation teacher and I loved getting back to walking people through mediations, although from my bed. This one’s about receiving compassion from the Earth. Here it is: https://madelleine.substack.com/p/chronic-illness-earth-meditation

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Last week I shared a link to a recent WRITING EXCUSES PODCAST INTERVIEW OF ABRAHAM VERGHESE, the writer of The Covenant of Water. Several weeks ago, I posted my response to his novel and thought my readers would enjoy hearing this excellent interview. This week I'll present another HISTORICAL NOVEL SET IN INDIA.


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Hi everyone, Happy Friday :) I'm a new subscriber to Writers at Work so I wanted to share an introductory piece. It's called: BEYOND SURVIVAL: A REINTRODUCTION. Here's the link: https://clareegan.substack.com/p/beyond-survival-a-reintroduction

I'm excited to read all your wonderful posts!

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I posted the latest chapter in my serialized novel yesterday! It's a historical fantasy (attention time travel fans!) novel that takes place on a military base in 1918 right before the onset of the Spanish flu. It’s been so much fun reworking this novel and I’m excited to finally let this out into the world. This is Ch. 13 but there is a link to Ch. 1 if you’d like to start from the beginning. Thank you and may all writers find more readers!


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GRIEF - a poem I wrote in the very early days of bereavement, and my reflections on it now, 4 years later


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TRAVEL - A Colombian island that's native English-speaking, devoid of mass tourism and has the third largest coral reef on earth. I was interested because of its history: the island has belonged to the English, the Dutch, the Spanish and now Colombia. https://thewritinggrove.substack.com/p/colombian-sketches-providencia-ffa

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ADDICTION & CHINESE MEDICINE. I write about addiction and sobriety all the time, but feel overexposed when sharing essays like this one—which offers a window into my cocaine and naked dance party days. I’m a whole other person now and feel as though I’m writing about someone else, at a distance. But my parents read everything I write…and they don’t talk about deep, dark secrets anywhere (especially on the internet).

A Scattered Spirit: Joy on Drugs vs. Joy While Sober >> https://danaleighlyons.substack.com/p/scattered-spirit-joy-on-drugs-vs-sober

Thank you for this invitation, Sarah! Looking forward to reading other people’s shares!

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My post was inspired by my own experience of naively thinking that words would naturally flow from my pen on command... I was so wrong! I just started writing posts for my Substack this week (thanks to the encouragement of this community!) so I'm experiencing a huge learning curve!

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ISRAEL - Not the Israel-Gaza war, but the southern border of biblical Israel, which is at least 30 miles away from modern Israel's border city Eilat on the northern tip of the Red Sea.

Researching and writing this post taught me about Judaism's nuanced relationship with the world and its wisdoms. It's not all battles and conflict, because King Solomon built here an international trading outpost here to exchange goods and ideas with the world. This, I believe, is the message of Solomon's unparalleled wisdom: the Torah doesn't undermine or supersede the "regular" human intellect, but rests upon and interacts with what man understands with his mind.


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WRITING POEMS + FEELING OUR FEELINGS - this personal essay was one where the skeleton of the post I wanted to write emerged almost immediately, but fleshing it out and getting it over the finish line felt like wrestling an alligator. 😅 Proud of the result.

(Not technically my latest, but a recent favorite!) — https://michellelacroix.substack.com/p/turning-toward-the-ache

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LANGUAGE ACQUISITION: Using the "walking technique" to learn a language. It makes so much sense -- why are we trying to learn language in static classrooms?


Is it invasive to people's privacy to make a Note tagging new subscribers and giving them a "thank you" for subscribing?

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MUSIC. I explore how songs about objects tell us things about the role of objects in our lives. Some of those objects are songs themselves, so I think about the role of songs in our lives as part of the process.

Latest post: https://songstudies.substack.com/p/a-song-for-every-season

What inspired me: have long been interested in the topic and have been working on this as a project mostly out of public sight (i.e. confimed to my hard drive!) for several years, so wanted to test out the material in a public forum. What inspired the last post was the turning of the year and thinking about songs (and objects) that reflected that time.

What troubled me about the last post was that, shortly after posting, I found that someone else on Substack had written about two of the songs I wrote about a few days before and I suppose that got me thinking about how difficult it is to be original with so much being written all the time.

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FATHERHOOD: I write letters to my newborn son to share the love I never got to experience. My son, Myles, turned seven months this week, and to celebrate, I shared 7 MYLESTONES about how he's growing. I'm hoping to do these monthly, but I wasn't sure if the video I added would take away or add to the experience as a reader. But It turned out really great. I've been trying to use all the tools on the platform to give a glimpse of my experience and the love I have for him. Thank you for creating this space, Sarah.


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JOURNALING QUESTIONS FOR YOUR 2024--A companion post to a piece I wrote on how I've already failed my 2024 'resolution' to cut out coffee by having coffee and writing about it. The journal prompts ask readers to chat with their higher self about their intentions of this blossoming new year.


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I post every Saturday and Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I share stories--some about my life, some inspirational and others about my spiritual journey. This one was tough because it highlights how vulnerable, naive and blind I was to the deceptive practices of a spiritual group. Lots of necessary growth happened from the experience.

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GOAL SETTING I wrote about kind goals, daily actions, and some of the other tools I use to (occasionally) reach my goals https://katiemorwenna.substack.com/p/goal-getting

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HOLDING ON OR LETTING GO. Thanks for asking, Sarah! I just wrote about my experience sorting through the belongings of my daughter who died in 2022. It was hard to get the courage to do the task, then write about it.


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TRAVEL - I had a great visit to a place called Pott Shrigley and so I wrote about it. This was my latest free post. https://adrianbleese.substack.com/p/eloping-with-a-gibbon

FLYING - This was my latest post for my paid subscribers about finishing my pilot's licence back when I was 17. https://adrianbleese.substack.com/p/thursday-28th-august-1986

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JOHN STEINBECK - I am reading through the complete works of John Steinbeck this year and providing reviews as I go along. Lots of research goes into these posts and it is a real passion project of mine. Hope you will read if you are interested in how literature intersects with life.


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HUMILITY; LEARNING FROM SETBACKS I wrote this to process some very harsh feedback from a student, which led to insights into my own journey as an educator and human.


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EXPLORATION - Koel and Ravi play a game daily. Koel found out something quite different about her friend today.


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GRIEF / YEARNING/ FICTION - Dee meets a mysterious figure who seems to be able to offer him what he most craves, and a headless ghost tries to stop him from quitting his band. ( https://hiragi.substack.com/p/sometimes-the-world-cracks-open-if ) There's a link to chapter one at the beginning of the post.

What I found most difficult was rewriting the scene where he formally meets the Devil for the first time - I've written it so many times and enjoyed it, but it was always in a different context that just didn't make sense for the novel as a whole. In fact, trying to get a lonely, anxious and avoidant main character out of the house for long enough to meet the Devil was a challenge that I think I finally cracked in a way that was both in character and thematically appropriate.

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EVANGELICALS - REPRESSION - SHAME: I'm writing a memoir about my former life as an Evangelical and my struggle to leave that life. My most recent post was Part 4 and my story is most meaningful if read in order from Part 1 - Part 4. l feel vulnerable sharing this material (although l want to), and after l posted this last post I kept finding myself wanting to revise (and did some revision.) These sections are not from a book l have already written - I'm writing them in real time every week or two and letting my subscribers see my process of dealing with this material. Sometimes what my readers say in comments influences the next section I write, so in a way readers are participating in the creation of this memoir with me. Thanks to everybody! Here's the link: :https://constanceford.substack.com/p/evangelical-therapy-part-4?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2

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STILLNESS - What inspired me to write it?: Grappling with writer’s block and a stomach flu, while taking in the New Year in El Salvador, led me to an epiphany!

URL: https://open.substack.com/pub/wannabewisdom/p/a-new-years-epiphany-in-el-salvador?r=i9b97&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

Questions you have about posting: How do I reach readers who are interested in the kinds of posts I write? It doesn’t seem like I’m making any significant traction.

Inspo authors mentioned in my post: @Susan Cain and @Shaun Usher

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WELCOME TO POINT OF DEPARTURE - my first substack post! This was really fun and exciting to write, but very curious to see how it goes! Here's the link: https://pointofdeparture.substack.com/p/welcome-to-point-of-departure

A few questions I have as I am starting out:

1. I know consistency is key, but is posting every-other week enough to build an audience? I am doing a totally free substack for now

2. How do you guys organize upcoming content/ideas? Do people use content calendars, write off the top of their head, or something else?

3. I have tons of ideas.... but I'm worried about running out! where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to your posts?

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WELL-BEING - “ Unlocking joy: How small daily acts of fun can transform your life

📝 Start a “Things I love to do” list”

I spent hours and hours writing about my ADHD journey yesterday. Then I went to proofread it today and it just didn’t read right or sit right. It needed a major overhaul.

I was faced with two choices:

1. Push through, even though I wasn’t feeling it

2. Pivot

I chose to pivot.

The piece I ended up publishing, just flowed out of me effortless and was a joy to write.

I learned that sometimes it’s ok to walk away from a piece of writing.

I look forward to revisiting the ADHD piece, but in the meantime, this is what I wrote. Enjoy!


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LEADERSHIP: Today I shared my first video within my Substack space. I’m embracing being a writer AND speaker, often have felt I had to choose one or the other. In this video I share 3 mainstream leadership concepts that are outdated and are not sustainable for the future of leadership. Something I’ve been sitting with for a while, excited it’s out of me and into the world.


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POETRY PROMPTS, CREATIVITY, IMPOSTER SYNDROME, INTERVIEW with a WOMAN POET Whose POETRY LIFE is TAKING OFF at 80! --My indie press had a paid-subscription called The Weekly Muse that sends out poetry prompts, writing exercises, places to submit your work, and more EVERY Sunday morning--plus it comes with free Zoom Poetry Classes for paid subscribers (next up, Pulitzer Prize winning Poet, Diane Seuss on January 14!)

Here's a free issue of the Weekly Muse for you to check out!--


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TOOLS TO HELP WITH PLOTTING A NOVEL. As a bestselling author, I'm always thinking of ways to help others who dream of writing a novel.


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CANCER/ISRAEL - I talk about my shocking diagnosis and a move to Israel, of all places, to find tranquility.

This year ranks as possibly the darkest year of my 66 on this planet.


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JOY FROM MADNESS - my very first post. Describing my journey from the psychiatric ward to a craft store in search of something other than pain.


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An awkward teen, an unskillful life’s path, but lots of good books!

“From Hardy Boys to Henry Thoreau: Screwing Up Your Life is Always Better With Books”


Thank you for the opportunity to share! ❤️

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Well oddly enough my latest post IS about self-promotion! And Imposter Syndrome... https://iangouge.substack.com/p/excuse-me-for-breathing

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MARRIAGE: You don't hear much about long marriages like mine (50-odd, sometimes very odd years). This post for Amazement Seeker shows the power of food and humor to keep a couple in sync. I agonized over the hed and subhed, nearly choosing a more straight-ahead combination that Google would have liked better. But readers told me this drew them in. Thanks for starting this conversation, Sarah. https://ronamaynard.substack.com/p/cheap-dates

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ANGER--Lately I’ve been taking a deep dive into forgiveness. This led to anger because it is anger (along with its cousins resentment and grudge) that gets forgiven. But if forgiveness is the antidote to anger, then anger itself needs to be examined. When is anger constructive vs. destructive? That’s the topic of this post.


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HOW TO MINDFULLY AVOID DISTRACTIONS - Inspired by my journey into buddhism and mindfulness to work with my ADHD, rather than against it!


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GOD IS A BAD BOYFRIEND, I write about my rocky relationship, or lack thereof, with that elusive heartbreaker. Known as "the poor little girl who doesn't believe in God" finding peace in grief and rage without him.


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ON WRITING - on not knowing how to do it, and letting the process be the guide.


And thank you to Sarah - an incredible guide.

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LIFE THOUGHTS - I shared this personal piece, one that's been in draft for ages waiting until it felt like the right time to share it. I was really heartened by all of the positive responses I had to it and the fact that it resonated with so many other people


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BAD HABITS - Inspired by the season of reflection & habit building we're in, I shared some bad habits from my personal collection and some ways to manage/overcome them. I do need to go back and add "cat collecting" to my list. 😉 Also a video drawing quick ducks for paid members, as a prep for our next session!


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FEAR - how I get past fear in my writing life, how I learn from my kids how to take risks, and why showing up for my dreams-even when I feel fear-makes me feel alive.


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WRITING SETTINGS. I give three examples of how nature is used interesting ways by writers, Claire Keegan, Tim O'Brien and Louis Sacher. I'm interested in great writing that helps me and others to write better:


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