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How to Find Your (and Other People's) Notes


00:03 Navigating Your Profile Page

00:12 Understanding Your Posts and Notes

00:27 Finding Other Users' Notes

00:35 Locating User Profiles

00:59 Exploring Other Users' Notes


Here’s how to find someone else on Notes.

Navigating Your Profile Page

If you go to your profile picture and click on your profile. This is your profile page.

Finding Your Notes

This is where your bio is and your short description, but you'll notice down here. All your posts are listed here—your Notes, your likes, and everything that you read all listed down here. This is true for everyone on Substack.

Finding Other People's Notes

So anytime you're looking for someone's Notes and to see when they've posted. You click on Notes under their profile.

Finding Other People’s Profiles

But how do you find their profile? You can do it via their handle.

That's what this is. Or you can find them. And then go to their page. This is Laura McKowen, so great. And then go down to About. Scroll all the way down to people and that will take you to their profile page.

Here are their [00:01:00] Notes. So you can like, restack, and support all of their Notes.

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