Session 4.3—Take Advantage of Substack SEO

Substack and SEO. On Substack, your SEO title and SEO description talk directly to search engines and suggest how they might display your post in search results.

There's internal versus external discoverability.

 Substack has internal discoverability. That's Notes. I've mentioned this, but this is like the early days of YouTube and podcasting. You can get discovered on here. You can grow. Most of our growth is happening internally. It's not true for everybody, but your focus doesn't need to be fully on SEO and Google.

In this session:

  • Understand Internal vs External Discoverability on Substack (00:27)

  • SEO Best Practices for Substack Posts (01:50)

  • The Keyword Conundrum in SEO (03:04)

  • Should You Change Your Substack URL? (03:34)

  • Recap of Growth Strategies on Substack (03:46)

  • Understanding the Purpose of Each Post (05:05)


Session 4.4

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