Session 1.1—Understanding that Substack Is Unlike Any Other Platform

**Sample session

**This is a sample session to give you a taste for the Blueprint and how foundational it is to success on Substack.

Substack is its own world, unlike any other platform. What works on Medium or wherever doesn’t work on here.

This session is how you begin the process of growing your Substack. Understand the platform and your purpose—your why.

Too often people get on Substack and just start writing and publishing. You have to know your purpose and your goals to set up or remodel your Substack the right way.

In this session, you’re going to understand what Substack really is.

  • You’ll get an overview of Substack and we’ll touch on key features and tools

  • I’m going to give you examples of successful Substacks and approaches.

  • You’ll also set or decide your goal for being on Substack.

  • Finally, you're going to define your newsletter’s purpose and audience.

I bring you everything I’ve learned working with hundreds of writers, being behind their dashboards, and seeing what you need to do to set up your Substack to grow.

In this session:

  • Understand Why Substack Is Its Own World (01:12)

  • Substack's Business Model (02:16)

  • Substack's Versatility (03:17)

  • Navigate Key Features and Tools (04:18)

  • Substack's Backend and Subscription Management (05:18)

  • Substack's Analytics and Email Delivery (06:29)

  • Promote Your Substack (07:02)

  • Monetize Your Substack (07:28)

  • Mobile Optimization on Substack (07:38)

  • Next: Explore Successful Substack Approaches (07:47)


Session 1.2

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