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Branding for the Branding-Averse: An Interview with Sara Tasker and Keeley Rees

Branding for the Branding-Averse: An Interview with Sara Tasker and Keeley Rees


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Sara Tasker and Keeley Rees are the force behind The Substack Soiree. When Substack started pivoting slightly (very slightly) away from being solely a platform “for great writing” to an “economic engine for culture,” Sara and Keeley brought their combined gifts to the platform: Sara's kind of magic in growing online audiences and running a business that doesn’t burn you out with Keeley’s professional experience in storytelling, copywriting, brand design.

The Substack Soirée focuses on how the visual element of our Substacks can complement our writing. They offer free branding bundles and The Substack Soirée class—a supportive group program for anyone looking to start, grow or expand their Substack presence. It guides Substack writers to find their voice and the stories they’re here to tell with support, accountability, and a gathering of like-minded people. 

⇢ Find out more about the class starting March 18:

The Substack Soiree Class

Sara and Keeley make branding heart-filled to even the most branding-averse, cynical people. It’s not branding; it’s visual storytelling.

Sara and Keeley have spent decades in the online and social media spaces, particularly audience growth, online marketing, writing, and storytelling. Sara’s business is Me & Orla. She’s a creative business coach, writer, photographer, iTunes #1 business podcast host, bestselling author, and self-described Instagram nerd. Keeley’s areas of expertise are vast: writer, visual storyteller, email marketing expert, designer and content producer, copy coach, filmmaker, voice-over artist, and more.

They each have a Substack in their own right. Sara’s Entre Nous is “slow living, online business, and personal growth—for creative souls and dreamers.” It’s a glimpse into her life, including the French house she’s currently renovating, and her insights into creating a business, being on social media, marketing, and selling “while being a human with a heart.” Keeley’s Secret Gardens is a space for her personal narratives and insights into what it means to be a creator (which she would define very broadly) today. You can read her excellent post “Visual Storytelling: AKA the Case for Branding” here.


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Substack Writers at Work with Sarah Fay Podcast
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