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Writing on Substack: Quality, Not Quantity Strategy Session


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In this Strategy Session:

00:09 Understanding Your Audience's Reading Habits
00:44 Checking Your Dashboard for Reader Insights
02:46 Adapting Content for Different Mediums
09:54 The Importance of Quality Content
11:42 Strategies for Writing Shorter, Impactful Posts
16:06 Editing Tips for Clarity and Engagement
31:53 Exploring Workarounds for Audio Posts
33:43 Setting Up a Podcast for Discoverability
36:01 Managing Paywalls and Free Content with Audio
40:47 Podcasting Tips and Best Practices

Perhaps the best paid strategy on Substack is producing high-quality posts. High quality typically means writing with complexity, nuance, context, voice, etc. But don’t those demand length?

Not necessarily.

I created a workflow to write less and say more while retaining all the complexity, nuance, context, and voice you want in your posts.

Enjoy the replay!

All my best,


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Write Less, Say More Workflow

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