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Content Calendar Deep Dive Workshop (2.3)

Your Substack Content Calendar Template and Deep Dive

✶ Don’t miss the fillable PDF below!

Note: This is a deep dive. If you’re brand new to Substack, bookmark this to come back to after you follow the whole Blueprint and have been on Substack for a bit. For now, scroll to the bottom and use the fillable PDF content calendar to get started.

Part of my genius working with people 1-to-1 as a private Substack consultant is that I listen to their goals, spot exactly what they love to write, and help them set up an editorial calendar that serves them and their subscribers.

In this bonus session, you get a taste of that.

What you’ll do:

  1. Revisit your goals and which posts resonate with your subscribers

  2. Determine how often and how much you really need to be posting

  3. Set up strategic editorial and content calendars that improve your life and your Substack

  4. How to repurpose content on Notes without feeling lame

*Even if you’re satisfied with your posting schedule, it’s always good to check in.

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