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So many people get on Substack, try to figure out the platform, and never get traction.

They end up frustrated and confused, feeling like they must be doing something wrong.

You want to achieve your goals on Substack:

  • get subscribers,

  • earn an income,

  • produce your best work, and

  • have devoted subscribers (a.k.a. superfans).

But Substack is one of the hardest platforms to succeed on.

And there’s a lot of bad advice out there.

You deserve to have the Substack you want.

To know

  • you’re on the right track,

  • will find your audience, and

  • will grow.

You deserve proven strategies.

At Substack Writers at Work, I give you tested strategies based on

  • the advice Substack gave me and

  • my years as a private Substack Strategist helping thousands of Substackers succeed.

✦ Annual Members receive

($80/~$7 per month)

  • Expert weekly Substack to ensure you’re on the right track

  • Monthly Substack Mastery and Writing Workshops to discover how your gifts and talents will work best on the platform

  • Access to a network of 15,000 of the nicest, most supportive Substack writers all helping each other succeed in the members-only chat and Substack Office Parties

  • The Substack Growth podcast for those of you on the go

There’s also a monthly option for $10/month.

✦ Free subscribers are cherished and receive occasional posts.

In a nutshell, I’m

  • the creator of two bestselling Substack publications,

  • a Substack Product Lab member,

  • a private Substack Strategist,

  • an award-winning HarperCollins author,

  • a former advisory editor at The Paris Review,

  • a freelance writer for The New York Times, etc., and

  • a member of the creative writing faculty at Northwestern University.

I hold many degrees: M.F.A., M.A., Ph.D. My debut memoir Pathological: The True Story of Six Misdiagnoses (HarperCollins) was an Apple Best Books pick and hailed in The New York Times. Read the sequel, Cured: The Memoir, and my author Substack, Less and Less of More and More.

Based in Chicago, I live with my two beloved cats, Baby Theo and Sweets. More than anything, I want a t-shirt that says, Ask me about my cats. (All typos are Baby Theo’s fault.)

You can’t find this level of expertise, mentoring, and community anywhere else.

Let’s do this.


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