Criteria for Writers at Work Featured Substacks

My goal is to provide inspiring examples to help all of us succeed, not to be a gatekeeper. The notion of “best” isn’t absolute; context matters. Here are the criteria. The Substack

  • explores a narrow focus deeply and uniquely,

  • strives for the highest quality writing,

  • consistently delivers on its promises,

  • follows Substack’s guidelines, and

  • is proven through regular publication.

What’s irrelevant:

  • subscriber count,

  • post length,

  • branding (!).

Writers should be an annual paid subscriber to Writers at Work or have met with me. This narrows it down from 17,000 Substacks. Yes, it does reward my paid subscribers and those I’ve met with. Think of it like an entry or reading fee to a contest or magazine.

So become a paid subscriber.

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