Live Q&A with Substack's Sophia Efthimiatou!


Thank you for being part of Writers at Work! This is the best fifty-five minutes you can spend. I’ve included audio for those of you who are on the go.

It will fill you with inspiration, optimism, and a true appreciation for Substack and how much this platform is doing for us writers and to make writing a viable profession again—for all of us.

This is the only platform dedicated to helping writers produce their best work and get paid well to do it.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re part of a system, but Substack is made up of real people, many of whom are writers themselves. They believe in giving us the professional opportunities we deserve. Here, we’re part of a community.


Sophia’s responses to our questions about how to succeed on Substack are as genuine as she is. She’s one of my favorite human beings on the planet.

She’s an outstanding, sharp, funny writer—subscribe to her Substack

. She “did the MFA thing,” as she puts it, and worked in academic and professional book publishing, at a literary magazine, and for a powerhouse agent. She also curated artistic programs and public events, including one with my former editor at The Paris Review. I love how she describes her work at Substack: “Substack is the most interesting thing I’ve ever done.”

For us too!

Please enjoy!

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