The key to growth on Substack: Mentions


Mentions are the key to publicity on Substack. No one talks about this, and I share it only with my private clients.

My information comes directly from Substack. In my meetings with them, they made it very clear that mentions are the way to succeed.

Mentions may seem complicated, but they’re not once you get the hang of them. And they’re well worth your time. My clients have used them and doubled and tripled their subscribers and seen real engagement.

If any of this is overwhelming, book a meeting. If this is the kind of guidance you’re looking for, book a meeting. We’ll go through this and so much more.

How mentions work

  • You mention another Substack writer in a Note or post. 

  • The writer mentioned is notified.

Why mentions are important

  • Mentions are your way to engage with other writers and take advantage of the network of writers and readers at your disposal.

  • The writer mentioned may like or comment, which is fun.

  • The writer may restack—which puts you in front of their subscribers…

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