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Pep talk: Quiet the Noise on Substack with the Amazing Claire Venus


For you: A 15-minute pep talk for those who may feel like there’s a lot of noise on Substack.

The amazing Claire Venus and I guide you through my top, top Substack tip of all time: Don’t subscribe to or follow a bunch of Substacks that talk about how to be on Substack.

For those who may not know Claire, she’s the mastermind behind Sparkle on Substack and Creatively Conscious. She’s a creative who also writes and a Substack enthusiast. She describes herself as being powered by sustainability, slow living, big dreams, and quiet ambition.

Claire is the real thing. She’s a Substack educator I often recommend, especially for creatives.

Sparkle on Substack is “a bespoke space to help you stay creative on Substack with co-working, workshops, weekly posts, chats, a podcast, and all the tools to help enhance your journey to growth on Substack in a joyful sustainable way.”

We encourage you to follow/subscribe to one Substack guide (two max) for a year. Sure, it’s great to get lots of perspectives and ideas, but when you listen to everyone, you risk not hearing yourself.

Some of you do well with noise. Blessings.

For those who don’t, listen to or watch this conversation with Claire.

Subscribe to Sparkle on Substack here.

Subscribe to Creatively Conscious here.

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