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Mastering Substack Emails Workshop


We ended up doing deep work here—the best kind, the kind that helps you see the value of your Substack and your writing.

Yes, personalizing the automated emails so they convince subscribers to stay requires knowing why people subscribe to us in the first place, i.e., what our Substack and writing offers.

(In case you’re unfamiliar, Substack sends our subscribers automated Welcome emails, opt-out emails, and a renewal email.)

You’ll finish this workshop knowing: 

  • Why people subscribe and would want to stay subscribed to your Substack

  • The 3 most important automatic emails your subscribers get and how to write them

  • How to know if your emails “work”

  • How to write a Welcome email that makes subscribers feel like they’ve just joined an exciting community instead of like they’re going to get yet another email with “stuff” in it

  • How to ask people to do something after reading your email so they actually do it

  • The secret to the email banner, header, and footer


  • We crowdsource your approaches and get wisdom and tips from our amazing Substack Writers at Work community.

No more unsubscribes!


✨ Become part of a thriving 8000+ community to get the support and guidance you need to succeed on Substack and produce your best work. Get the discounted annual subscription.

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