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🖥️ Substack Audio in 4 Minutes (bonus)

+ a recap of my quick-and-easy method for recording and editing audio like a pro
  • 2-minute overview of Substack audio and how to navigate it

  • 2-minute recap of my quick-and-easy method for recording and editing audio like a pro (for those who don’t have time to watch the deep-dive audio workshop)

00:00 Introduction to Substack Audio
00:25 Setting Up Your Podcast
00:49 Creating and Uploading Audio Posts
01:09 Using Audio Embeds and Voiceovers
02:06 Recording Tips and Techniques
02:44 Editing with Descript
03:30 Creating Free Previews

Audio is one of the best ways to connect with subscribers and expand our reach on Substack and beyond.


  • We feel like we know authors and podcasters when we hear them. It goes by the creepy term parasocial relationships, but it’s a way to create authentic relationships with our subscribers/readers/audience.

  • Digital media outlets like The New York Times are leaning heavily into audio. Why? Because when people don’t have time to read, they often have time to listen.


  • Two of the three options for audio can be automatically distributed to Apple, Spotify, and elsewhere—which means more opportunities for discoverability.

Going deeper

For an audio deep dive, watch the Substack Audio the Easy Way Workshop (43:14).

Below is a recap of my recommended software, tools, links, and equipment

Keep it simple!

How to upgrade to join the Growth Cohort

Find out more about the Cohort

Software and tools

I recommend using the simplest recording software and most efficient editing tool:

  • Recording: Apple Voice Memos. If you’re on a PC or Android, you can use Voice Recorder. And there’s always Google Play Voice Recorder.

  • Editing: Decript for editing. It used to be free. I have the $12/month plan. The free plan could work if you’re recording once a month.

Set up a podcast

How to set up your Substack podcast step-by-step here. The video is excellent.


These really are my top pics. No affiliate links!

Mics (get a dynamic mic, not a condenser mic):

Optional equipment:

  • Windscreen

  • Pop filter