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Tell Enthralling Narrative Stories Subscribers Will Pay to Read Workshop


Write Enthralling Narrative Essays Subscribers Will Pay to Read workshop

PDF below↓

To enthrall is “to hold spellbound,” which is what the best narratives do.

This workshop is about how to enthrall subscribers, especially paying subscribers, with our personal stories (a.k.a. short-form memoir and narrative essays).

How do we write enthralling—as in I-can’t-wait-to-read-this-week’s-post enthralling—narrative essays? How can we make our lives that interesting?

In this workshop, we’ll cover

  • What the best storytellers know

  • The business of narrative essays on Substack

  • The art of narrative essays on Substack

  • The 4 steps to writing spellbinding personal stories worthy of paying Substack subscribers

Free to paid subscribers. Scroll down for the PDF.

✨ Invest in yourself and your Substack by becoming a paid subscriber! Commit to one year with my guidance and get the discounted annual subscription. You, your writing, and your career are worth it.

Or purchase the course separately.

→ NOTE: We do these workshops in good faith that people won’t sign up for the link and then unsubscribe. We’re here to build a community of writers who will come together to grow. If you prefer to purchase the workshop, you can do so here:

Purchase course separately

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