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Notes: The Key to Growth on Substack Workshop


The Key to Growth on Substack: Workshop

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you—and all of our readers—it’s don’t miss out on Notes, Substack’s internal social media network.

» It’s the key to growth and connection on Substack.

What we’ll cover:

  • Why you should be on Notes—or any social media platform—when you don’t like social media

  • The 4 best Notes strategies:

    • 3 Reasons Why strategy

    • Mother Teresa/Taylor Swift strategy

    • Repeat Yourself strategy

    • Crowdsource strategy

  • ⇢ PLUS (!) a special paid-subscriber thread on 1/19 to connect you with other writers and form Notes cohorts so you never feel like you’re talking to no one again

As Substack’s Head of Writer Relations Farrah Storr puts it, we do these workshops in good faith that people won’t sign up for the link and then unsubscribe. We’re here to build a community of writers who will come together to grow. If you prefer to purchase the workshop, you can do so here:

✨ Become a paid subscriber to get twice-monthly workshops like this one, the Substack Writers at Work Headline Hub chat, boomin’ Friday threads, and guidance to become the best writer you can be—all to help you succeed on Substack.

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