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✦ Set Realistic and Ambitious Substack Goals Workshop + the Magical Substack Monthly Planner PDF


Your Substack Goals: How to Be Ambitious (and Realistic)

+Paid subscribers receive

  • the magical yearly planner I used to grow my Substacks to 9,000+ subscribers in 8 months,

  • continued support throughout the year, and

  • quarterly check-ins with the Writers at Work community to ensure you achieve your goal.

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Give yourself the gift of one year with my expert guidance. Get this workshop plus monthly Substack mastery workshops and the most up-to-date tips to succeed on Substack.

This isn’t some namby-pamby goal-setting workshop. This is the real deal.

Here’s the truth: You’re allowed to be ambitious. Despite the word’s negative connotations, ambition isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To sum up centuries of the word’s changing meanings and implications, it can be a negative or positive trait depending on the person and the ends. It can be the fast track to greatness or vice.

Being realistic means seeing things as they are, not as you might want them to be. It’s the humbling, hard work part of goal setting.

The two together are a recipe for success and growth in your professional life and as a human being on Substack.

In this workshop, you will

  • Celebrate your wins (but not too much)

  • How to set a goal you’ll achieve

  • The 2 most popular goal-setting approaches and why they’re wrong

  • How to start: Strategies for working with motivation and resistance

  • How to keep going

  • How to make 2024 about quality and growth, not striving

To ensure you achieve your goal, you also get

  • The magical yearly planner I used to grow my Substacks to 9,000+ subscribers in 8 months (PDF)

  • Continued support throughout the year

  • Quarterly check-ins with the Substack Writers at Work community

We won’t just write down whatever unrealistic goal comes into our heads and then forget about it or spend the year stressed out.

This is your Substack year.

Let’s do it.

→ NOTE: As Farrah Storr, Substack’s head of writer relations in the UK says, we do these workshops in good faith that people won’t sign up for the link and then unsubscribe. We’re here to build a community of writers who will come together to grow. If you prefer to purchase the workshop, you can do so here:

Purchase course separately here

Single purchase doesn’t include continued support and quarterly check-ins so join Writers at Work!

What qualifies me to teach this workshop?

(You should ask this of everyone you work with!)

Sarah Fay of Writers at Work smiling leaning against a column

The guidance I give you is based directly on the advice Substack gave me. No marketing tricks. No gimmicks. 

I share with you my experience as the creator of two bestselling, featured Substack publications (Writers at Work with Sarah Fay and Cured: The Memoir); a member of Substack’s Product Lab; an author at HarperCollins; a freelance writer at The New York Times and elsewhere; a former advisory editor at The Paris Review; a creative writing professor at Northwestern University; someone with a relationship with the Substack team and who loves all things Substack.

Hope to see you at the workshop!

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