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Bonus! Soulful Social Media: An Interview with Kat River

Bonus! Soulful Social Media: An Interview with Kat River


I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who said they really liked being on social media. The general sentiment among the people I know is that we use it, it’s a necessary evil, and that’s that.

Except it’s not—not to Kat River, who is one of the most expansive, heart-filled women I’ve ever met. She’s all truth and authenticity. And she’s made a place for social media in her life, not in a begrudging way but in a how-can-I-show-up-and-open-myself-to-this? way.

In this interview, she teaches us how to embrace (yes, embrace) social media. Our conversation is full of so much wisdom. It’s a must-listen.

Here’s a taste from Kat:

“It’s important to come back to your intention on social media. Because everyone’s going to have a different intention. What is your intention? And then just be clear with that.

If it’s connection, show up and truly connect. Go out of your way to engage and you will see the return of that. And then you’ll feel like you’re building connections. It’ll feel more fulfilling.

If it’s just to do business, then go and read some books about doing business on social media and sales and actually go learn those skills.

If you’re going to be on there anyway— Because you don’t have to be. That’s also an option. There’s an option to jump off social media and just go be an epic fairy out in nature and not be connected to it. (I fantasize often. I won’t lie.) But if you’re going to be there anyway, you may as well learn the rules and play the game so that it can be a more thriving experience for you.

And you may as well go and question, What are my beliefs around this? Are they actually serving the experience I want? Or are they just fueling this narrative that isn't actually going to be in support of my dreams?

And notice that gap and then close that gap. That’s our job, you know.”

If you’ve read Kat’s Substack, you know how alluring it is in the “powerfully interesting” sense of the word. You start reading and just can’t stop. It’s like listening to someone speak through written words ordered just so on the page, which is what all writing should be but Kat does it differently. Speech. Ordered. Just so.

Kat is a mother, maker, and mystic—much like many of her readers. The short version is that she entered the entrepreneurial and personal development world very young, became an entrepreneur in the online space—co-creating live events, online programs, heart-centered community, and six-figure businesses with her husband Tully, alongside her creative pursuits, and also making art for art’s sake.

Please enjoy my interview with the powerful and amazing Kat River.

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And for those of you who still feel like, “No! I can’t do social media,” there’s an upcoming mini-course with the excellent Substack writer

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She’s lovely and an outstanding teacher. The program is aimed at helping small business owners, freelancers, and creatives create their marketing blueprint without relying (exclusively) on social media. A considerable chunk of the people she works with are writers and artists and they seem to be especially attuned to marketing in a slower, more intentional (yet highly effective) way. 

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