Session 2.1—Discover Your Substack's Value

+ When, how much, and what to post

This is where you create valuable content to build a community of loyal subscribers.

There are three parts to this session.

In this first part, I want you to go from someone who questions the value of what they have to offer to someone really confident in it. You'll discover your Substack’s value and know when, how much, and what to publish.

In this session:

  • Discovering Your Substack's Value (01:18)

  • Understanding Value and Quality on Substack (02:27)

  • Determining Value on Substack: Free vs Paid (03:12)

  • Exploring Different Content Formats (04:17)

  • Choosing What, When, and How Much to Publish (07:10)

  • Posting Guidelines and Best Practices (09:41)


Session 2.2

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