The Substack Blueprint Is Here!

Design or redesign your Substack to grow

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To grow on Substack, you need the right foundation. Period.

Get expert guidance and a proven blueprint to design or redesign your Substack to grow.

The right foundation also includes adopting strategies that work (your paid strategy, content calendar, etc.) and having a clear understanding of Substack. Without that foundation, you’ll likely flounder and won’t achieve your goals.

How I know this Blueprint works

I tested it with over five hundred (!) of my private clients and watched them double and triple and septuple (and more) their subscribers, substantially increase their revenue, see real engagement, and (most importantly) feel confident in their Substacks and produce their best work.

Index of Sessions

All include short videos (less than 10 minutes) with me—and step-by-step instructions and prompts on how to put everything into practice so your Substack is ready to grow + fillable PDFs!

Session 1: Achieve Your Goals by Understanding Substack and Your Purpose on It

Session 2: Build a Community of Loyal Subscribers by Creating Valuable Content

Session 3: Attract Subscribers by Clearly Communicating Your Substack’s Value

Session 4: Set Yourself Up to Grow (!)

You did it! Thank you! What’s next!

Where this Blueprint comes from and how it worked for me

When I met with Substack’s Head of Writer Relations Sophia Efthimiatou, she showed me what works and what doesn’t in terms of how a Substack is set up.

I did what she said and my author Substack grew from 300 subscribers to 2500 in eight months and became a bestseller. Then I tested it on Substack Writers at Work, which grew from 300 to 10,000 subscribers in eight months and also became a bestseller. I earned $100k in that same period.

How the Blueprint fits into the cohort

The Blueprint is integral to the 2024 Substack Success Cohort.

Even if you feel like you know Substack inside and out or have watched the Substack Writers at Work workshop replays, the Blueprint will sharpen and invigorate your Substack. You need this foundation. Trust me.

We cover everything, including the tech you need to know (and none you don’t).


→ Brand new to Substack?

Substack set up

→ Newish to Substack?

Session 1.1

→ Veteran Substacker?

Session 1.2

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You receive

  • Everything in the paid membership ($80 value)

  • Monthly Mastermind Cohort Calls to get ideas and my top tips and mastermind with other Substack writers ($2500 value)

  • Substack Success Blueprint (my signature!) to design, redesign, or touch up your Substack so you have the right foundation ($285 value)

  • Monthly Strategizing Workshops to get the most cutting-edge techniques to grow ($540 value)

  • The full archive of Substack Mastery and How to Write Online Workshops ($1200)

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