✦ Session 1.4—Your Substack Categories

Find your categories, explore other Substacks, discover the leaderboards, and connect

Find your categories, explore other Substacks, discover the leaderboards, and connect

This session will help you see that Substack is a network. Connecting to that network is how you will grow.

On Substack, we have categories. You’ll choose two to define your Substack. 

Part 1: Watch the video.

Part 2: Do the following—

  1. Go to your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner. 

  2. On the dropdown menu, click Explore. You’ll land on Substack’s homepage (in a way). On the top of the page you’ll see all of Substack’s categories. 

  3. Scroll through them. Find the main one you think you fit into best. Most likely, it won’t be a perfect fit.

  4. On the right of the page, you’ll see a list of Substacks on the leaderboard. Click See all. These are the Substacks with the most paid and free subscribers in each category.

  5. Scroll through and explore, making sure that it feels like the right category for you. 

  6. Do the same thing to find your second category.

Once you've decided (or re-decided on two), go to your Dashboard > Settings > Categories. Choose a primary category (whichever feels right—it won't be perfect) and a secondary category.

In this session:

  • Understand the Substack “Home” Page (00:57)

  • Navigate Your Substack Inbox (01:26)

  • Use the Substack Search Tool (02:03)

  • Choose Your Substack Categories


Session 1.5

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