Session 1.3—Define Your Substack's Purpose and Audience

+ Your One-Year Goal

Now we’re going to define your Substack’s purpose and audience, discover the nine things people pay for, identify your niche, and set your one-year goal.

In this session:

  • Set Your Goal: The Key to Substack Success (00:09)

  • Explore Substack’s Purpose and the Value You Provide (01:48)

  • The 9 Things People Pay For: Understanding Subscriber Value (02:17)

  • Identify Your Niche: What Can You Offer Your Subscribers? (06:31)

  • Understand Your Subscribers: Beyond Demographics (07:06)

  • Set a One-Year Goal: The Importance of Long-Term Planning (07:37)

  • Session Recap and Next Steps (08:24)


Session 1.4

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