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Using Successful Substack Models to Guide You (1.2)

As we build your Substack, we want to make sure that you are modeling it on those who’ve been successful. These are types of Substacks that work.

Types of Substacks:

  • Practical Substacks

  • Curated Substacks

  • Reported Substacks

  • Literary and artistic Substacks

  • Teaching Substacks

  • Publication Substacks

Watch the session to find yours. Even if you’ve been on Substack for a while, this will help you reframe and gain confidence in your Substack, which leads to growth.

Exploring Types of Successful Substacks (00:11)
Deep Dive into Practical Substacks (00:59)
Curated Substacks: Sharing Recommendations (02:05)
Reported Substacks (03:14)
Literary and Artistic Substacks: A Creative Outlet (04:41)
Teaching Substacks: Sharing Knowledge and Experience (05:13)
Publication Substacks: From Magazines to News Platforms (06:22)
Choosing Your Substack Type and Planning Ahead (07:26)

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Session 1.3

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