✦ Session 2.4—Earn the Income You Deserve on Substack

+ Put it into practice: the 3 paid strategies that work and your paid strategy

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In part two, you're going to go from someone used to giving away your creative work and intellectual property to someone earning the income you deserve. We’re going to get clear on your monetary goals so you can build your Substack.

You’ll know the three paid models that work on Substack and you’ll create a paid strategy, one that fits with your vision and goals.

In this session:

  • Understanding Your Monetary Goals and Paid Models (00:39)

  • Exploring the Traditional Paywall Model (01:27)

  • How to Use Paywalls Effectively (04:38)

  • The NPR Model: A Culture of Support (07:57)

  • The Service Model: Offering More Access (10:15)

  • Community Building Options (11:55)

  • Using Substack to Promote Other Offerings (13:59)

  • Substack Best Practices and FAQs (14:48)


Session 2.5

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