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Communicate Your Substack's Value in Your About Page (3.1)

+ My exclusive Substack About Page Template

Welcome Cohort Heroes and Write of Passage Cohort Members!

This is where you write or revise your About page.

First, Cohort members, let’s recap what you’ve covered in the Substack Blueprint. You figured out your goals, how better to understand the platform and your purpose on it, and how to build a community of loyal subscribers by creating valuable content.

Now, you’ll communicate that content to potential subscribers and your subscribers in your About page and hero post.

This is such an important part of building your Substack. You can have all the great content in the world. And if we can’t communicate it clearly, people won’t subscribe because they won’t know what they’re subscribing to.

In this session (3.1), you’ll discover or solidify:

  • The What of your Substack, i.e., what subscribers get (posts, video, podcast episodes)

  • The Why, i.e., what they’ll take away and how they’ll be changed by becoming a subscriber

✦ Watch the video. Then scroll down to use the Substack About Page Template.
✦ There’s also a bonus on creating a hero post below

Here’s the PDF version:

About Page Template
44.3KB ∙ PDF file

In this session:

00:25 Importance of Clear Communication
00:59 Crafting Your About Page
01:44 Elements of an Effective About Page
04:08 Examples of Successful About Pages
05:03 Recap and Writing Exercise
06:14 Next: Short Description, Bio, and Title

NEXT: Your Short Description, Title, and Bio

Session 3.2

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The Substack About Page Template

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