✦ Session 3.1—Write Your About Page to Attract Potential Subscribers

+ the Substack About Page Template

✶ Don’t forget to use the Substack About Page Template below to write or revise your About page.

Welcome to Session 3: Attract subscribers by clearly communicating your Substack’s value.

First, let’s recap what you’ve covered in the Substack Blueprint. You figured out your goals, how better to understand the platform and your purpose on it, and how to build a community of loyal subscribers by creating valuable content.

Now, you’re going to communicate that content to potential subscribers and your subscribers.

This is such an important part of building your Substack. You can have all the great content in the world. And if we can’t communicate it clearly, people won’t subscribe because they won’t know what they’re subscribing to.

Session 3 has three parts:

  1. Writing an About Page that Wows Potential Subscribers

  2. Mastering the Short Description, Title, and Short Bio

  3. Put-it-into-Practice where you’ll revise or write your About page, short description, and bio

In this session (3.1), you’ll discover or solidify:

  • The What of your Substack, i.e., what subscribers get (posts, video, podcast episodes)

  • The Why, i.e., what they’ll take away and how they’ll be changed by becoming a subscriber

In this session:

  • Master Your About Page (00:59)

  • The Three Elements of Your About Page (01:44)

  • The Must-Haves for Your About Page (03:42)

  • Examples of Effective About Pages (04:09)


Session 3.2

Access the Substack About Page Template

This is the template I created after I met with Substack and they showed me their “ideal” About pages, i.e., About pages that work. It’s not meant to be prescriptive, just a guide. Feel free to improvise. Just be sure yours communicates your Substack’s value and why people should subscribe.

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