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Session 4.2—7 Notes Growth Strategies to Get Substack Subscribers

I bring you seven strategies to get subscribers using Notes, Substack’s internal social media network.

Right now, the organic growth within Substack is tremendous. It’s better to capitalize by using Notes than trying to bring followers over from other social media platforms.

In this session:

  • 1—The Three-Reasons-Why Strategy (00:03)

  • 2—The Mother Teresa Taylor Swift Strategy (01:54)

  • 3—The Restack Strategy (02:46)

  • 4—The Repeat Yourself Strategy (03:59)

  • 5—The Crowdsource Strategy (04:40)

  • 6—The No-Social-Media-Rhetoric-Allowed Strategy (05:05)

  • 7—The Awareness, Engagement, Conversion Strategy (05:53)

  • The Art of Being on Notes (06:40)

  • Additional Tips for Notes (08:05)

  • Should You Post on Every Platform? (08:38)


Session 4.3

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