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You did it! Thank you! What's Next!

Your Substack now has the foundation you need to succeed

You’ve designed your Substack according to the Blueprint with the key tips that have led my clients and subscribers to have crazy success on Substack. We discovered how you, your talents, and your goals will work best on the platform to help you earn an income (if that’s what you want), get subscribers, and produce your best work.

You received expert guidance that honored you, your talents, and your goals.

In four sessions, we laid the foundation of your Substack home, so you can

  • achieve your goals by understanding the platform and your purpose on it,

  • build a community of loyal subscribers,

  • create valuable content,

  • attract subscribers by clearly communicating your Substack's value, and

  • set yourself up to grow through Notes and other collaboration features.

In this session, we recap all you’ve done and look ahead:

Your Substack Home (00:17)
Embracing Imperfection and Growth on Substack (00:35)
Building a Loyal Community Through Valuable Content (01:13)
Understanding Your Goals and Commitment Levels on Substack (02:33)
Identifying Your Unique Offering and Subscriber Benefits (03:27)
Revisiting Goals and Emphasizing Continuous Support (04:30)
Taking Advantage of the Cohort for Continued Growth and Support (05:16)


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